We can help you identify and clarify your academic pathways and educational goals and help you develop meaningful plans to ensure your academic success.

We believe that advising is an ongoing, caring and collaborative relationship between advisor and student that provides meaning, guidance and support throughout the educational process.

Degree Audit Report System (DARS)

DARS is accessed through the MY UW portal. Run a DARS report periodically to track your progress toward fulfilling your degree requirements.

Courses currently in progress will be shown as meeting requirements, pending completion.

Step-by-step instructions for running and interpreting your DARS report can be found by clicking here. If you follow the instructions and still have questions, ask your advisor.

Pre-Nursing (PRN) First Year Enrollment Information

If you are a pre-nursing, first year student, please watch this video to learn about how to review your DARS and plan for your next semester courses.

Pre-Nursing 201 Group Advising

Group advising sessions are held for pre-nursing students planning to apply to the Traditional BSN program. We will discuss the application process and touch briefly on coursework for your spring semester.

Click here to register for Pre-Nursing 201 Group Advising

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Who's My Advisor?

Pre-Nursing, Traditional BSN, & Accelerated BSN Students

Advisors are assigned based on your last name.

A-L: Molly Censky

M-Z: Kate Knudson

BSN@Home Students

BSN@Home Advising

Career Advising

A-Z:  Beth Dawson

Prospective Students Not at UW-Madison

Kelli Richards

How Do I Make An Appointment?

To make an appointment with your undergraduate advisor, schedule online using Starfish. Links to their individual calendars can be found in the advisor profiles on this page. You may also call 608-263-5202 to schedule an appointment. Do not email to arrange an appointment.

Students who are not assigned a School of Nursing advisor and prospective students can call 608-263-5202 to schedule an appointment.

Can I Just Email a Question?

If you have a single question that can be easily answered with a yes or no response, you can begin by sending an email describing your question or situation. Your advisor will either answer you by return email or ask that you schedule an appointment.

When you email your advisor, always include your name and campus ID.

What Can I Expect from My Advisor?

You can expect your advisor to:

  • Understand and effectively communicate curriculum, graduation requirements, and university policies and procedures
  • Listen to your concerns and respect your individual values and choices
  • Assist you in defining your academic, career, and personal goals, and assist you in creating an educational plan that is consistent with those goals
  • Answer your questions through scheduled meetings, phone calls, or emails
  • Provide you with information about campus and community resources
  • Refer you to other campus offices as appropriate
  • Maintain confidentiality

What Does My Advisor Expect from Me?

Your advisor expects you to:

  • Read all email sent from Academic Programs
  • Use resources (handbooks, web, DARS) to find answers to questions you may have
  • Schedule and attend first year group advising and advising appts. each semester
  • Come prepared to each appointment with questions and topics for discussion
  • Ask questions if you do not understand an issue or have a specific concern
  • Be open and willing to consider advice from faculty, advisors and other mentors
  • Review your DARS report each semester and track your progress towards completing your graduation requirements
  • Keep a personal record of your progress toward meeting your goals
  • Organize official documents in a way that enables you to access them when needed
  • Become knowledgeable about campus programs, policies, and procedures
  • Accept responsibility for decisions
  • Include your ID number in emails


  • Schedule now—don’t wait. You don’t need to wait until the Schedule of Classes is released on the Web to schedule an appointment.
  • Keep your appointment. Re-scheduling appointments during peak registration can be very difficult. If you will not be able to keep your appointment, call 608-263-5202 to cancel or reschedule, and email your advisor.


Molly Censky

Position title: Undergraduate Advisor


Phone: 608-263-1058

Click here to schedule an appointment.

Beth Dawson

Position title: Career Advisor


Phone: 608-263-9109

Click here to schedule an appointment.

Kate Knudson

Position title: Undergraduate Advisor


Phone: 608-563-5324

Click here to schedule an appointment.

Kelli Richards

Position title: BSN@Home Academic Advisor and Academic Support Coordinator


Phone: 608-263-5163

Click here to schedule an appointment.

Darby Sugar

Position title: Director of Advising and Student Services


Phone: 608-263-5172

Click here to schedule an appointment.