Student Organizations & Involvement

The UW-Madison School of Nursing encourages and supports students to pursue their interests and form social networks. In addition to numerous associations available to students on the broader campus (including the Aspiring Nurses Association [ANA] for pre-nursing students), there are a number of student-run groups established specifically for current nursing students and all students are welcome to participate in any one of their choosing. The purpose of these groups is to give students the opportunity to enhance their experiences related to professional development, social circles, political action, community service, and academic achievement, as well as foster connections between faculty, staff, and students. Students who wish to start a group not currently in existence are encouraged to do so. Listed below are various groups students can join throughout their nursing education and beyond.  You can also find more opportunities by going to the Wisconsin Involvement Network page.

Student Nurse Associations

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Aspiring Nurses Association [ANA]

Aspiring Nurses Association is a club in which we seek to better ourselves and the community of Madison through education, volunteerism, and social involvement. We aspire to gain a deeper understanding and compassion for the health care system and patient populations we will be working with as future nurses. For each academic year, our mission is to continue our work in the community and grow as students, team members, and future nurses. There are many opportunities for student leadership in this club, and we encourage all members to take initiative in seeking out those positions.

ANA WIN Website

Student Nurses Association [SNA]

Nursing Alumni Association [NAO]

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Nurses’ Alumni Organization represents all graduates of the UW-Madison School of Nursing, as well as current and emeritus faculty.


Wisconsin Nurses Association [WNA]

This association is the official voice of professional nurses in Wisconsin.


Student Groups

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Multicultural Student Nursing Organization [MSNO]

For more information, click here.

Global Health Alliance Group [GHA]

For more information, click here.

Nurses' Christian Fellowship [NCF]

The purpose of Nurses Christian Fellowship at UW-Madison, as a ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, is to establish and advance in nursing, within education and practice, witnessing communities of nursing students and nurses who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God’s Word, God’s people of every ethnicity and culture and God’s purposes in the world. We believe in creating a supportive community connected by prayer among students to encourage spiritual, intellectual, and academic growth with the goal of creating a new generation of Christ-following, compassionate nurses.

NCF Facebook Group

Student Geriatric Interest Group [GIG]

GIG is a UW- Madison student organization housed in the School of Nursing that’s dedicated to improving the care of older adults. GIG offers educational, leadership, and volunteer opportunities to students interested in aging.

WIN Homepage

GIG Email

GIG Facebook Page


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Equity and Diversity Committee

The purpose of the committee is to represent the interests of the School in advancing inclusive excellence and promote an open and welcoming environment that values diversity and inclusion.

This committee is composed of thirteen elected members:

  • Two tenured/tenure track faculty members
  • Two clinical faculty
  • Two non-instructional academic staff
  • Two university staff members
  • One pre-nursing student
  • One traditional undergraduate student
  • One accelerated undergraduate student
  • One DNP student
  • One PhD student

This committee plays an important role in policy review and recommendations for issues related to faculty, staff, and student recruitment, and fostering an inclusive climate in the School of Nursing. Please contact the Chair for more information and how to become involved.

Graduate Programs Committee

Comprised of elected members:

  • Two graduate level students
  • Four tenure-track faculty
  • Three clinical faculty

The Graduate Programs Committee:

  • Represent the faculty in regard to all aspects of recruitment and admission to graduate programs
  • Make recommendations to faculty concerning formulation or substantive modification in policies on DNP & PhD admissions.
  • Review applications for admission to the DNP & PhD programs in relation to policies of the University and the School of Nursing and to recommend admission, including any stipulation for admission, assignment of advisors, or consideration of funding.
  • Consider matters related to the overall success and progression of students through the graduate program, such as exam scheduling, funding, socialization, development, and progression.
  • Review individual student progression annually, as dictated by program requirements and specifications.
  • Review graduate student appeals and determine outcome.
  • Review grant proposals proposed by the School relative to student progress, as appropriate.
  • To perform other related graduate program activities the committee deems necessary and/or which may be requested by APC.

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Comprised of twelve elected members:

  • Two BSN students
  • Five tenure-track faculty
  • Five clinical faculty

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee provides oversight for undergraduate programs, identifies emerging trends or considerations across curricula, examines evaluation across curricula, and makes recommendations to APC on issues relevant to the UW-Madison nursing curricula. The committee reviews overall curriculum patterns, course content, and instructional methods of all instructional programs.

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee:

  • Take action on proposals for new courses, or for modifications or discontinuation of existing credit courses.
  • Review and recommend the alteration or discontinuation of existing credit courses and the establishment of new courses.
  •  Manage the integrity of academic program requirements and consider proposals to change program requirements.
  • Consider matters of educational policy and procedures as well as curricular initiatives related to the student experience.
  • Identify emerging trends or considerations across curricula for discussion among appropriate governing bodies.
  • Advance methods of assessment and evaluation across curricula.
  • Serve as a resource to the School’s UAPC and GPC.
  • Review grant proposals that have potential effect on the curricula.
  • To perform other related program activities the committee deems necessary and/or which may be requested by APC.

Wellness Advisory & Action Committee

The committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and students.

Student representatives consist of:

  • 2 undergraduate students (Accelerated, Traditional, or BSN@Home)
  • 1-2 graduate students (DNP or PhD)

The purpose of this committee is to advise and assist in the development and enhancement of a culture of wellness to improve population health and wellbeing of students, faculty, and staff through wellness initiatives. Wellness initiatives may include implementing wellness activities, advising on policies and procedures surrounding the School’s culture of wellness, advising SoN committees and leaders on how to incorporate wellness initiatives, and collaborating with students and peers in the support of individual and collective wellbeing.


Maisee Her

Position title: Pre-Nursing Advisor


Phone: 608-262-8161

Tracey Maloney

Position title: Advisor for Admitted Nursing Students


Phone: 608-263-5183