Rooms & Lockers

Locker Assignments

Lockers are available to graduate and undergraduate nursing students in Cooper Hall and Health Sciences Learning Center (HSLC).

Terms: There is no rental charge for use of the lockers and locks are provided (any personal locks will be removed and destroyed). The School of Nursing is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lockers should be kept locked at all times and lock combinations should not be shared.

Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of the student to maintain their locker and report any problems to Academic Affairs, suite 1100. Lockers must be cleaned out by the end of the student’s final semester in the nursing program. A reminder email notification will be sent to graduating students two weeks prior to their graduation date. Any items remaining in the lockers will be discarded.

To request a locker, please click here.

Space & Room Reservations

  • Room Reservations – There are conference rooms within the School of Nursing and the Health Sciences Learning Center that can be used for school related-activities.  If you need to reserve a space, please email Academic Affairs.
  • PhD Student Office Space – PhD student are offered office space in the School of Nursing.

Campus Facilities

  • School of Nursing (SoN) -The School of Nursing is located on the far west end of campus; Signe Skott Cooper Hall, 701 Highland Avenue.
  • Health Science Learning Center (HSLC) -is the site of classroom instruction and clinical skills training for the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health and University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing.
  • Student Guide to Health Science Campus Facilities – The health science deans (Schools of Nursing, Pharmacy, and Medicine and Public Health) have written a letter to all students encouraging the collaborative use of Signe Skott Cooper Hall, Rennebohm Hall, and the Health Sciences Learning Center. Included is detailed information on student resources within, access to, and the room reservation systems for these facilities. You can view the guide here.