Student Organizations

The UW-Madison School of Nursing encourages and supports students to pursue their interests and form social networks. In addition to numerous associations available to students on the broader campus (including the Aspiring Nurses Association [ANA] for pre-nursing students), there are a number of student-run groups established specifically for current nursing students and all students are welcome to participate in any one of their choosing. The purpose of these groups is to give students the opportunity to enhance their experiences related to professional development, social circles, political action, community service, and academic achievement, as well as foster connections between faculty, staff, and students. Students who wish to start a group not currently in existence are encouraged to do so. Listed below are various groups students can join throughout their nursing education and beyond.  You can also find more opportunities by going to the Wisconsin Involvement Network page.

Student Nurse Associations

Student Groups

  • Global Health Interest Group [GHIG]

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  • Nurses' Christian Fellowship [NCF]

    The purpose of Nurses Christian Fellowship at UW-Madison, as a ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, is to establish and advance in nursing, within education and practice, witnessing communities of nursing students and nurses who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God’s Word, God’s people of every ethnicity and culture and God’s purposes in the world. We believe in creating a supportive community connected by prayer among students to encourage spiritual, intellectual, and academic growth with the goal of creating a new generation of Christ-following, compassionate nurses.

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  • Student Geriatric Interest Group

    GIG is a UW- Madison student organization housed in the School of Nursing that’s dedicated to improving the care of older adults. GIG offers educational, leadership, and volunteer opportunities to students interested in aging.

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  • Multicultural Student Nursing Organization

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  • Student Holistic Nurses Association [SHNA]

    We are a student organization with a mission to promote and educate future RNs about holistic approaches to patient care. Holistic nursing is a practice that focuses on health of the mind, body, and spirit as essential elements of human health. Stress reduction, nutrition, aromatherapy, traditional medicine, massage therapy, and mindfulness are examples topics we will be learning about this year.

    SHNA Facebook Group

  • Perinatal Interest Group [PNIG]

    We are nursing students who are interested in prenatal care, labor and deliver, post natal care, and women’s health! We will be offering opportunities, socials, and resources on such topics. This is an interest group, so if you want to see something specific, let us know and we can try to incorporate your interests to the group!

    PNIG Facebook Group

  • Second Career Nursing Students

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  • Undergraduate Programs Committee

    The committee shall be composed of six full members of the Departmental Council. Three members will be tenured or tenure track faculty and three members will be instructional academic staff members. The majority of the members shall have substantial involvement with the undergraduate program. The committee chairperson must be a tenured faculty member and will serve at least a two-year term. Student members are elected annually, with one first-year and one second-year student . The student delegation shall have one vote. The associate dean for academic programs, the assistant dean for academic programs, the director of diversity initiatives, and the director of undergraduate programs serve as ex-officio voting members.

    The general functions of the committee are to provide oversight for undergraduate programs and to make recommendations to Departmental Council on issues relevant to the UW-Madison undergraduate nursing curriculum. These include the following functions:

    • To recommend changes in the baccalaureate curriculum (including new courses, deletion of courses, major changes in courses, changes in degree requirements, etc.);
    • To develop policies for implementation of curriculum changes and to assist in implementing these policies if accepted by the Departmental Council;
    • To establish and implement methods of assessment and evaluation for the undergraduate curriculum;
    • To review grant proposals that have potential effect on the undergraduate program relative to curriculum or students’ progress in the program;
    • To perform other related program activities the committee deems necessary and/or which may be requested by the Departmental Council.
  • Equity and Diversity Committee

    The purpose of the committee is to actualize the School’s commitment to diversity by fostering an inclusive environment within the school that values and supports equity and diversity. This committee is composed of two tenured/tenure track faculty members, two instructional academic staff, two non-instructional academic staff, a classified staff member, one undergraduate student and one graduate student. This committee plays an important role in policy review and recommendations for issues related to faculty, staff, and student recruitment, and fostering an inclusive climate in the School of Nursing. Please contact the Chair for more information and how to become involved.


Molly Censky

Undergraduate Advisor