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Enrollment & Courses

Course information provides students with links to the University’s catalogs, which list all of the nursing course offerings and a direct link to the Registrar’s office timetable. Students will also find information on how to evaluate a course that is taught by nursing faculty, as well as detailed information about independent study opportunities.

  • Course Listings

    The School of Nursing lists all of their course offerings with a brief course description through the University of Wisconsin-Madison Course Guide. Additional course information is also available online through the Registrar’s Office.

  • Textbooks

    Textbooks can be purchased at University Book Store (UBS). There is a store located at the Health Sciences Learning Center (HSLC) on the first floor just off of the atrium. Store hours and additional locations are listed on the UBS website.

    For your convenience, textbooks, uniforms, and PDAs can also be purchased online at UBS’ website.

    For more information on purchasing textbooks, go to the Office of the Registar’s website.

  • Planned Course Offerings

    The Nursing programs have developed two year plan of course offerings for students to use as a reference tool for long range program planning.

    The documents listed below are in PDF format- and requires Adobe Acrobat to open. You can get Acrobat for free by clicking here.

    Undergraduate Nursing Major – 2 year plan (pdf)

    BSN@Home Program – 2 year plan (pdf)

  • Sample Nursing Programs

    To assist students with program planning below are sample programs students can refer to for their specific program.

    Pre-Nursing Sample Program

    Nursing Major Sample Program

  • Student Evaluation of Instruction

    Student evaluation of instruction is a very important part of your role as a student. It provides the opportunity to evaluate your instructors and serves as a means to evaluate teaching effectiveness.

    Evaluation takes place at the end of each semester using the online evaluation tool AEFIS.  Results are placed in a faculty member’s record and reviewed by a faculty committee as one of the criteria for awarding merit and promoting faculty. Students are urged to complete the evaluation forms carefully and thoughtfully. Responses are anonymous and reviewed by instructors only after students have completed the course and grades have been submitted.

    Student evaluation of instruction is an open system. If you do not wish to use AEFIS, students are free to evaluate a course and/or instructor outside of the formal evaluation process. Students who wish to do this are encouraged to talk with the course professor or to come in and discuss evaluation with the Associate Dean for Academic Programs or Dean of the School of Nursing.


Katie Bleier

Director of Advising and Student Services


Molly Censky

Undergraduate Advisor


Beth Dawson

Career and Undergraduate Advisor


Kate Knudson

Undergraduate Advisor


Kelli Richards

BSN@Home Program Coordinator


Darby Sugar

Undergraduate Advisor & Academic Support Coordinator