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Student Printer

GoPrint – Student Printing Information

How to use GoPrint in Cooper Hall – Students can print course materials using the School of Nursing printer located in room 1176A. Student printing is monitored and managed by a campus service called GoPrint.

General Instructions

GoPrint has what are called “purses.” After you log into GoPrint, under the Account Summary you will see a purse labeled “Wiscard Print Account.” This is the account you can use to purchase printing in Cooper Hall (or in other buildings).

Instructions on adding money to your Wiscard Account for printing can be found here. Here is the direct link to deposit money into your Print Account.

Printing From Your Laptop

To print to the SoN printer via your laptop computer, please follow these instructions:

Mac users can click here to download and install the SoN print driver.

The printer connection is located at:
Password: pr1ntStuff

Refund Request Form

The form for requesting a GoPrint refund can be found here.

For PhD Students

Equipment Check-Out Services

PhD students have access to short-term (3-5 days) checkout of equipment including laptops, laser pointers, digital cameras and headphones. Contact the computer hotline ( for a complete list of equipment and checkout procedures.

Network Access

University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing policies related to data privacy and security require that access to the School’s file servers be authorized in writing by the owner of the data. Completion of the Request for Access: School of Nursing Network Resources form is necessary to grant, modify, or remove access rights to non-owners. Please contact Carol Aspinwall to submit the completed form to SoN Technology Services.

Printers / Copiers

Students who are RA/TA/PAs have access to printers and IT resources as needed to complete their work responsibilities.


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