Staff S-Pass

Checkout the S-Pass, available to the School of Nursing Office of Academic Affairs staff by following the steps below.


  1. Review the calendar below for availability
  2. Create or open an event on your office 356 calendar on the preferred day/time
  3. Invite to your event
    1. If you would like to remain available in your calendar, be sure to set your “show as” status to “free”
  4. After sending the invitation, you will receive a confirmation
  5. Pickup and return the s-pass with Taylor Mathewson

Happy Parking!

Some restrictions apply

  1. There is only one s-pass for the unit available at a time
    1. If the pass is not available, your invitation will be declined
    2. The decline message will tell you who has the S-Pass reserved
  2. Events can only be scheduled up to 180 days in advance
  3. One day per checkout is the limit

S-Pass Calendar

If you would like to add these calendars top your office 365 account, you can search for them in the directory. Contact Jonathan Henkel for assistance.