English Proficiency & ESL

Being bi/multilingual in today’s global society is an asset, particularly in the health care environment. Still, proficiency in English is essential for students to succeed in this School of Nursing. Therefore, the faculty of the School of Nursing recently approved a policy regarding English proficiency and English as a second language. English proficiency is defined as the ability to speak, write and comprehend verbal and written English. The policy received thoughtful review and refinement by faculty, staff, and students and is intended to promote student success in the academic programs of the School of Nursing.

The policy approved by faculty reads:

UW-Madison School of Nursing students in all degree programs are required to be proficient in English to provide safe patient care and to be successful academically. Students facing challenges in these areas may be referred by self-identification, a faculty member, or advisor to support services as outlined below. Students are encouraged to seek assistance early in the program. Although limited English language proficiency in itself is not a reason for dismissal, it can interfere with a student’s ability to complete course requirements, leading to failure to progress or meet program requirements. For additional information see Undergraduate Criteria for Satisfactory Progress or Satisfactory Academic Progress in the Doctoral Programs.

For a pdf of the complete policy and procedure, click here. It includes detailed procedures that address identification of students needing assistance, strategies to promote proficiency and levels of review. Students should read the complete document prior to beginning the academic nursing program.


Katie Bleier

Position title: Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Email: katie.bleier@wisc.edu

Phone: 608-263-5172