Official University Communication

The University of Wisconsin-Madison mandates that all students activate and use their email accounts. This is the only email address the School of Nursing and university uses to communicate with students.

Students are responsible for the content of any email that is sent via the university as well as the School of Nursing.

Students need to remember to include their student ID number in any correspondence with University faculty or staff.

School of Nursing Email Accounts

The School of Nursing has generic email accounts to manage specific communication. When students receive emails from these accounts they should read and respond to the information provided in a timely fashion. The following accounts are used by the Office of Academic Affairs:

Office 365

Students should keep their calendars updated in Office 365 for ease of scheduling.

Contact Information

It is the responsibility of the student to maintain current contact information, phone numbers and addresses, with the university. Students can view and update their contact information in their MY UW Student Center. Once on the Student Center, scroll down to Personal Information and select the option you want to update. Please note that all students should have a current mailing address listed.

Academic Affairs


Phone: 608-263-5202

1100 Signe Skott Cooper Hall