Nursing Research Funding Opportunities

Nursing students are well-suited for diverse funding sources. Please work with your mentor on your ideas.  NRSP can assist with funding search needs and connect you with relevant databases and email lists for your submission.

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What should I know before I apply for a federal grant?

There are many things to know. The top 4:

  1. Talk with your mentor about your proposal ideas.  Your mentor can help you identify appropriate funding opportunities.
  2. Read and understand the funding priorities of different institutes: NIA example.
  3. Consider which submission deadline is a good fit for you. Typical F31 proposals are due Apr 8, Aug 8, or Dec 8. This generally means having reviewed aims and collaborator/mentor team established by Jan 14, May 16, or Sept 15.
  4. Consider the financial implications of a grant (e.g., salary, outside work restrictions), see NIA example link above.

Is there peer support on campus for grant proposals? What are other campus resources?

Yes, peer support is an excellent part of the proposal preparation experience. Find more peers through Graduate School events and expertise:

Can I read a sample of funded grants from School of Nursing students?

Yes, we have great examples of F31 proposals that were funded that the students gave permission for us to share with you. Reading example proposals is a great step in your proposal preparation. NIH also shares examples. Check your institute’s page for more examples.

What funding announcements are available now?

NRSP monitors and posts funding announcements that the community is eligible for.  For a complete list of all announcements related to funding, please click the funding tag at the bottom of the announcement.  Please check submission deadlines and opportunity expiration dates.

Links below bring you to a larger repository of funding announcements with our most common sponsors.