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Certification and Licensure

Doctor of Nursing Practice Licensure

Policy for Education Validation

While the credentialing center may authorize a candidate to sit for an advanced practice certification examination after all coursework is complete and prior to degree conferral, the center will retain the exam results and will not issue certification until two additional documents are submitted. These are the 1) final official transcript with degree-conferral date received directly from the university, and 2) the validation of education form signed by the DNP Faculty Program Director.

Upon request, the School of Nursing will complete the validation of education form prior to degree-conferral, thus confirming eligibility to test. This service will be available only for students who have:

  1. Successfully completed all advanced nursing coursework and clinical practice hours required for the DNP program,
  2. Enrolled in their final semester of the program,
  3. Reached the midpoint of that final semester and course professor(s) have verified that they are on track to graduate as anticipated

Once these criteria are met, students may submit their request for education validation via email directly to the Career Advisor, Professional Development & Funding Coordinator. The coordinator will confirm appropriate course completion and final semester progression and submit the form, as appropriate. The School of Nursing will not validate education for students who have not completed these eligibility requirements.

DNP Students

Graduation Eligibility Requirements

  • Registered for a minimum of 2 credits during the term in which you intend to graduate
  • Minimum GPA 3.0
  • Zero Incompletes on record
  • All degree requirements met
    • Degree Check forms (Post-BS and Post-MS) are completed each term by the Graduate Academic Services Coordinator

Getting Your Degree

  • Submit the DNP Petition to Graduate to the Graduate Academic Services Coordinator by March 1 of your final year of study
  • Apply to graduate with the Registrar’s Office

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) is the world’s largest nurse credentialing organization and a subsidiary of the American Nurses Association.  For more information on NP/CNS licensing, click here.  The ANCC offers certification in the following disciplines:

Nurse Practitioner Certifications

  • Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP
  • Adult-Gerontology Primary Care NP
  • Pediatric Primary Care NP
  • Psychiatric-Mental Health NP

Clinical Nurse Specialist Certifications

  • Adult-Gerontology CNS

The PNCB is the largest independent pediatric nursing certification organization in the country, with over 95% of all pediatric nurses who certify choosing the PNCB (according to PNCB exam brochure).

Licensure in the State of Wisconsin as an Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber

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