University of Wisconsin–Madison

Typhon Tutorials

Typhon has an entire library of videos and a knowledge base for your most common questions and concerns. You can access those tutorials by following this click path from the main menu:  Information & Setup >> Help >> Instructions or Video Tutorial.

The following UW-Madison specific tutorials are being provided on this page to help with some of the details that are unique to the UW-Madison School of Nursing:

To create a time log in Typhon, first login at, and then follow these steps:

  1. In the main menu, select “My Time Logs” from “Other Activities and Reports”
  2. Click “Add a Daily Time Log”
  3. Enter the date or select “Today” for the current date
    1. You can enter a date between the current date and the start of the semester
  4. Pick your course, clinical site, and preceptor from the drop down lists
    1. Your course may or may not require you to enter a clinical site and/or preceptor – check with your course instructor
    2. Your initial choices will be saved as the default; these defaults can be modified from the main menu by selecting “Setup Default Choices”
  5. Click “Continue”
  6. Enter your total shift time
    1. You may also be required to enter a breakdown of your hours and/or include a journal entry – check with your instructor your see if these fields are required
  7. After you have entered all the necessary information, click “Save Data”

To setup a default course, clinical site, and/or preceptor, or to request a new preceptor in Typhon, first login at, and then follow these steps:

  1. Select “Setup Default Choices” under “Information & Setup” in the main menu
  2. Select or modify your default choices here
  3. If you would like to request a preceptor that is not listed in Typhon:
    1. First, be sure that the preceptor is not already in the list – search the “Preceptor Directory” from the main menu to be sure
    2. In the “Setup Default Choices” page, select “Request Addition”
    3. Enter in the preceptors “Last Name, First Name” and email address – these are required fields
      1. add any additional informaiton you have about the preceptor
  4. Click “Save Data”
    1. Requests must be approved and could take a week for processing. If you need immediate attention, send an email to

To complete the midterm and final evaluations for clinical in Typhon, first login at, and then follow these steps:

  1. In the main menu, select “My Evaluations and Surveys” from “Other Activities and Reports”
  2. Surveys are only open and available during the midterm and final periods; you may only see the appropriate surveys during those scheduled times
    1. Some courses have their evaluations available to complete at any time – check with your instructor to know which evaluation to complete and by when
  3. Once you have identified the available and appropriate evaluation survey, click “Begin new evaluation”
  4. N419 and N449 will then be asked “Who are you evaluating?” – Select your preceptor from this drop down list
    1. You will be providing a self-evaluation, but selecting your preceptor here allows them to view your responses
  5. Proceed by completing the evaluation tool, and click “Submit Completed Evaluation”
    1. Evaluations tools will vary by course, so please be sure you complete the appropriate evaluation for your course