As educators and mentors, preceptors bridge active classroom learning to experiential learning in the clinical setting.  This bridge brings to life the profession of nursing in many diverse settings and populations.  Preceptors for the UW Madison School of Nursing are eligible for a Non-Budgeted Appointment which includes:

  • A UW-Madison NetID for email and calendaring programs
  • All UW-Madison libraries, including books and journal articles
  • Use of Madison’s recreational facilities for a small fee
  • Wisconsin Union (Memorial Union and Union South) access

How do I get started?

If you are interested in working with the School of Nursing as a preceptor, please send an email to our clinical placement staff at to start the onboarding process. We look forward to working with you!

"If there are no ups or downs in your life it means you are dead. Just look at the heart monitor."

Phil P. Preceptor

What does UW-Madison require of its preceptors?

Undergraduate Preceptors

Undergraduates complete 160 clinical hours over 15 weeks. Scheduling of these hours is dependent entirely on the preceptor's schedule, whether the preceptor works days, nights, or weekends. Nurses with a BSN degree are preferred.

Graduate Preceptors

Preceptors must be board certified in the specialties of Adult/Gero Primary, Adult/Gero Acute, Pediatrics, Psychiatric/Mental Health, or Clinical Nurse Specialist.

"I really love my preceptor, let me tell you. She's taught me so much more than I could have imagined about nursing!"

Sarah S. Student