Interested in Grad School? Join the National Name Exchange!

Have you ever considered graduate school? Are you curious about “grad school” and the research and internship opportunities that are out there to help you gain real world experiences in your field? Graduate education can offer knowledge and training for you to enhance your skill sets in a variety of research areas. The National Name Exchange(NNE) is a program to help you learn about, apply to, and succeed in graduate school. It is currently open for enrollment and you are invited to participate.

What is NNE? 

The NNE is a program hosted by the  Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), a membership organization representing nearly 500 universities in the United States and Canada, whose goal is to inform high performing underrepresented undergraduate and master’s students about opportunities available in graduate school. The UW-Madison Graduate School works with the NNE and CGS to ensure that students are aware of the opportunities presented by graduate education.

How to Participate: 

It is quick and easy to participate in the NNE. Only representatives from participating universities will access the information you provide using the secure web site. These representatives might contact you after the NNE registration cycle is complete and provide you with information about their graduate programs, research/internship opportunities, and more. NNE enrollees are also eligible for other benefits include application fee waivers from some institutions, resources about graduate education, networking opportunities, social media communities, and more.

How to Enroll

Click here to enroll and join NNE. Begin by creating a CGS account by clicking “Sign Up Now.” On the next screen, enter your email address and click “Send Verification Code.” Retrieve and input the verification code from the email in your institutional inbox. Click “Verify Code.” Once your code is verified, create your password and enter your name. Click “Create.” You will be automatically directed to the enrollment form where you will input your data. Complete the form and click “Submit” to enroll. You will be directed to a confirmation screen and receive an email confirmation in your inbox.

The deadline for participation is Friday, June 14, 2024.

If you have additional inquiries, please send a message to or