Togetherall brings 24/7 peer support to UW-Madison students

UW-Madison’s University Health Services (UHS) and Recreation & Wellbeing (Rec Well) haved partnered with Togetherall to provide an online, anonymous peer-support tool available for free to students. Togetherall is a clinically moderated, online peer-to-peer mental health community that reaches and empowers students from across the U.S. to anonymously seek and provide support by sharing their experiences in a safe virtual space. Whether students are struggling to cope, feeling low, or just need a place to talk, Togetherall can help students explore their feelings in a safe, supportive environment. 

Togetherall expands the mental health resources available for UW-Madison students beyond the clinical services at UHS Mental Health Services, and those offered through UHS’s Uwill partnership, by creating an online space for peer-to-peer support. At UW-Madison, the 2022 Healthy Minds Survey found that 46 percent of students report receiving mental or emotional health support from their friends. Interacting with peers is an effective strategy for supporting mental health. While Rec Well’s peer wellness coaching provides individual and group space for peer-to-peer conversations about wellbeing on campus, Togetherall expands that concept with a fully online, anonymous space connecting students across the U.S. 

Funding for Togetherall was made possible by the Charles E. Kubly Foundation and the UHS Suicide Prevention Fund. University Health Services and Recreation & Wellbeing remain committed to expanding mental health resources for all UW-Madison students. There is no wrong entry point for students to begin their mental health journey. Togetherall is yet another resource students can use to find meaning and connection across campus that supports their individual wellbeing. 

This post was authored by Academic Affairs on 04/07/2024.