Understanding the Needs of Heart Failure Patients – CARE Connections

What happens if patients aren’t able to follow care instructions—and their healthcare providers (and sometimes the patients themselves) don’t realize that they can’t?

Read how researchers seek to better understand and meet the needs of heart failure patients in the December issue of CARE Connections, the monthly newsletter of the SoN’s Center for Aging Research and Education. Here’s an excerpt:

“No matter how much time we spent teaching our heart failure patients and giving them materials to help them at home about how to manage their disease, they were still frequently back in the office or hospitalized,” remembers Bratzke.

This month’s CARE Connections also includes CARE’s new toolkit on engaging older adult community members as advisors on health research; a profile of CARE Affiliate Wan-chin Kuo, PhD, RN; and news and events related to older adult health and well-being.

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This post was authored by Diane Farsetta on 12/20/2023.