UHS – No Nicotine November

This month, UHS is promoting “No Nicotine November,” which invites students to reflect on their relationship with nicotine and explore resources on and off campus that can help them quit. The theme of this month is “A no to nicotine is a yes to yourself,” which encourages students to consider what they may gain in both the short and long term if they discontinue nicotine use.

Upcoming Events:

  • Bascom Hill display on November 16 – Look out for a display on Bascom Hill on Thursday, November 16—a reminder of everything you are saying yes to when you stop using nicotine.
  • Distribution of quit kits at Rec Well facilities, libraries, and flu shot clinics throughout the month of November—keep an eye on UHS’s Instagram for where we will be throughout the month

Information and Resources:

  • Press release on No Nicotine November
  • Webpage for more information on quit support on and off campus

This post was authored by Academic Affairs on 11/14/2023.