Spring Course: Pathology 404

PATHOLOGY 404: Pathophysiologic Principles of Human Disease

EXPLORE careers in pathology, LEARN how physicians integrate clinical and laboratory information to make diagnoses and patients on the road to recovery, and INTERACT with experts in medicine and public health. Join course co-directors Dr. Kaitlin Sundling and Dr. Josephine Harter for this survey course in pathology, which spans diverse organ systems and disease types. Each organ-based topic is taught by an expert within the field. This course is ideal for pre-medical or pre-health professional students, as well as anyone who wants to learn more about human disease and the medical laboratory.

Live online learning sessions during selected class times are recommended for the most engaging course experience. All course requirements can be completed asynchronously and flexibly within a block schedule (four quiz due dates spaced through the semester). There is a cumulative final exam.


  • Online: MWF, 12:05-12:55PM
  • Requisites: ANAT&PHY 335 or 435 (or PHYSIOL 335 or 435 prior to Fall 2018)
  • 3.00 credits
  • To enroll

Questions? Email wigand@wisc.edu.

This post was authored by Academic Affairs on 10/30/2023.