2023-24 HIPAA training: due Nov 10

HIPAA training is required for all SoN students.  You can complete the online training in Canvas at  “2023-24 HIPAA Privacy & Security Training

This course, released in October 2023, is required even if you recently completed a previous version of the training (e.g., the 2022-23 HIPAA Privacy & Security Training).

Please note that in addition to the 10-question quiz at the end of the training, there is a 2-item attestation to complete. You MUST complete the HIPAA Attestation to fully satisfy your HIPAA training requirement and have your participation recorded.  Directions are provided on the main page of the course.

Training must be completed by November 10, 2023.  Failure to complete the training by the due date will result in a hold being placed on your university record, which will suspend your ability to add courses.

Please direct any questions to Staci Lowe (slowe@wisc.edu), HIPAA Privacy Coordinator for the SoN.

This post was authored by Staci Lowe on 10/25/2023.