Health Equity for Hmong Elders – September CARE Connections

How would you meet your health needs if simply communicating with healthcare providers were a struggle?

Read how School of Nursing Assistant Professor Maichou Lor, PhD, RN is working to improve healthcare for people with limited English proficiency in the September 2023 issue of CARE Connections, the monthly newsletter of the SoN’s Center for Aging Research and Education. Here’s an excerpt:

“We developed the first Hmong word lists to diagnose and provide better hearing care, which I think is amazing,” she says. “My father also has hearing loss, so that became an even greater motivator.”

This month’s CARE Connections also congratulates the winner of this year’s CARE Undergraduate Scholarship; a profile of CARE Affiliate Barb Bowers, PhD, RN, FAAN; and news and events related to older adult health and well-being.

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This post was authored by Diane Farsetta on 09/26/2023.