Student Success Revealed Presenter Survey DUE: 10/1

To All ABSN & TBSN Students!

We’re looking for students who would like to share their wisdom about how to be a stellar student in and outside of the classroom at “Student Success Revealed!” on Oct. 23rd, 6-7pm in 1321 SSCH.

We know you haven’t gotten to where you are as a Nursing student by luck alone.  You’ve figured out how to become a successful student by trial and error.  Here’s an opportunity to for you to share your nugget of wisdom about study tips, organization, motivation and wellness to fellow students.  Presentations are only 3-5 min each!  This will look great on your resume, too.  Please fill out this survey to express your interest.  Survey will close at midnight, Sunday, October 1st.

If you have questions, please email

This post was authored by Tracey Maloney on 09/18/2023.