2024 Midwest Nursing Research Society (MNRS) Call for Posters

2024 Call for Posters MNRS 2024 Annual Research Conference

February 28 – March 2, 2024, Minneapolis, MN

MNRS has two different calls for presentation/poster proposals:

  • Option 1: Regular MNRS Submission for Completed Research (Poster or Podium Presentation): For students who have completed their research and wish to submit a proposal, along with faculty, for consideration for a podium presentation or poster session. If you intend to submit via this route, or have already done so, please skip down to the end of this letter.**
  • Option 2: Special UW-Madison School of Nursing Representatives to MNRS for In-Progress Research (Poster only): For students whose research is currently in-progress and wish to submit an abstract to present a poster. MNRS reserves special slots for each School of Nursing for students to share their research posters at the annual conference. MNRS will hold 9 slots for our students: three students from the BSN, DNP, and PhD programs respectively. Members of the UW-Madison School of Nursing faculty review and select students to present their poster on behalf of the school.

Option 2: Instructions to apply for the UW-Madison School of Nursing selection process:

  1. Prepare the MNRS 2024 Poster Submission Cover Sheet (attached).
  2. Write an abstract, following MNRS criteria for the category that matches your work*
  3. Obtain faculty review on your abstract and revise accordingly.
  4. Submit electronically to Staci Lowe (slowe@wisc.edu) by September 30, 2023, 11:59pm
  5. Members of the Research and Scholarship Committee will then critically review based on the MNRS criteria and make selections and provide the names of the selected abstracts to the Dean to submit to MNRS.
  6. If you are selected, you will be notified and asked to apply to be considered for travel reimbursement (if applicable). Although funding is not guaranteed, the School of Nursing strives to provide resources, when able, to students presenting at MNRS. We are unable to provide travel funding for students who are not currently in Madison. If there are multiple authors, only ONE of them will attend the conference. If this is the case, you must identify which author is applying for the sponsorship

We ask that you identify which of these categories is the best fit for your scholarship:

  1. Research Based Projects: This category includes a systematic investigation used to generate generalizable knowledge about a phenomenon.
  2. Evidence Based Projects (EBP): This category includes projects which exemplify the use of best evidence from research, practice and patient preferences to influence the provision of high quality care.
    • EBP projects start with a clinical problem or quality concern, evaluate the literature for best practices related to the concern, and implement evidenced based practice, system, and/or policy changes to address the concern.
    • EBP projects should highlight recommendations for clinical practice, future research, and policy change.
  3. Evidence Based Literature Review: This category is a thorough review of the literature related to a clinical problem.

Avoidance of Commercialism:

All presentations must avoid commercialism. Presentations that constitute promotion and advertisement will be prohibited. This includes pervasive or inappropriate use of logos. Product or service descriptions or advertisements may not be distributed, nor may any material be displayed to promote the commercial interest of a particular company or enterprise. If the cost of any presentation has been underwritten, a clear acknowledgement stating the source and support should be included. Statements made in the presentation are the sole responsibility of the author and should not be viewed as or considered representative of any formal stance or position taken on any product, subject or issue by MNRS.

Submission Guidelines
Poster Criteria
Cover Sheet

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