Fall 2023 Course – Ethnic Studies – Folklore 430: Urban African American Folklife


This course examines post-civil rights era urban African American folklife from across the United States. Each week, we will explore spaces and places of African American folk production, focusing on multiple genres of expression. Class discussions will interrogate the ways in which these selected folk practices build upon earlier forms, their complex relationships with each other, and their function within the communities of origin. We will also critically examine how these practices intersect with important societal phenomenon- namely issues of race, class, gender, power, and migration. In addition, students will conduct ethnographic fieldwork project and produce media related to African American folklife in Wisconsin. The goal of this course is to use the lens of African American folklife to gain a better understanding of the dynamic and multi-faceted nature of contemporary African American life in general.

  • Fall 2023, M/W 8:00-9:15am
  • 3 credits
  • Ethnic Studies (through Folklore), Humanities/Social Science
  • Intermediate course
  • LAS credit

Folklore 430 Flier

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