Fall 2023 – CommB – Journalism 201: Intro to Mass Communication


Focusing on news, advertising, and public relations in our mediated world, we examine the social, economic, historical, and political impacts of media on society. We will learn about the ways individuals consume, process, and interact with traditional and social media at the same time as reflecting critically on issues from health messaging to political campaign ads to news coverage to racial bias in entertainment.

JOURN 201 is an introduction to the work done in the School of Journalism & Mass Communication (SJMC). SJMC is a diverse department that covers a lot of ground, such as the history of journalism, the latest technological innovations, public relations and crisis management, and analyses of how politicians and journalists communicate with the public. We will touch on all these topics during the course, often with the help of faculty members guest-lecturing about their latest writing and research.

JOURN 201 is a mandatory class for students interested in applying to the major, but also great for those who just want to learn more about communication! It is the introductory skills course for many of the skills needed in later J-School classes. It is an essential introduction to journalism and strategic communication for those considering a major in the SJMC. Even if a student is unsure they want to apply to the J-School, this is a great way to test the waters of journalism and strategic communication!

Additional Details:

  • Open to freshman, sophomore, and junior-level students
  • Elementary-level class, classified as breadth social science course
  • LAS credit, satisfies CommB requirement

Have additional questions about JOURN 201? Email Professor Mike Wagner mwagner8@wisc.edu.

This post was authored by Academic Affairs on 06/16/2023.