Healthcare Provider Genomics Education Week (June 5-9)

The National Human Genome Research Institute and its partners are holding a Healthcare Provider Genomics Education Week June 5-9, 2023 that will include panel discussions, webinars, Twitter chats (#MedGeneEd23) and Q&As.  There are several sessions relevant to nursing including but not limited to the few I have highlighted below:

June 6, 11AM ET A Guide To Pharmacogenomic Resources

June 6, 1PM ET  Introduction to the Pharmacogenomics Learning Series

June 7, 10AM ET Nursing Genomics Frequently Asked Questions: Expert Commentaries

June 8, 10AM ET Global Genetics and Genomics Community: Interactive Cases

June 8, 1PM ET Biomarker Testing: A Road Map for Cancer Care

There is no cost to participate in any of these events.  You can find the entire schedule at:

This post was authored by Anne Ersig on 05/31/2023.