The Push for Nursing Home Reform – May CARE Connections

Following the tragic impact of the COVID pandemic on nursing home residents and staff, is there new momentum for reform? See what the experts have to say in the May 2023 issue of CARE Connections, the monthly newsletter of the SoN’s Center for Aging Research and Education. Here’s an excerpt:

“One of the recommendations is to expand our existing quality measures to include things beyond physiological markers of health,” says Roberts. “How does the way we provide care impact the meaning and the quality of people’s lives? It’s not just about whether people develop pressure ulcers.”

This month’s CARE Connections also includes a toolkit on implementing change in long-term care settings; a profile of CARE Affiliate Becky Muehrer, PhD, RN; an opportunity for care partners of persons living with dementia to participate in a study; and news related to older adult health and well-being.

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This post was authored by Diane Farsetta on 05/24/2023.