NRSP April Featured Publication – Dr. Kathleen Montgomery

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Congratulations to Dr. Montgomery for having one of the Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing‘s top cited articles!

Evidence shows children age 7 and older can reliably self-report health symptoms, but often health care providers tend to rely on proxy reports from parents to assess and treat symptoms. Dr. Montgomery’s article compares symptom reports from children with advanced cancer to their parental proxy reports, and examines similarities and differences between the two. Parents tended to over-report the presence of many symptoms, particularly ones that were more difficult to observe like psychological symptoms. By relying more on self-report, care providers can better target symptom management interventions.

Montgomery, K.E.*, Vos, K., Raybin, J.L., Ward, J., Balian, C., Gilger, E.A., & Li, Z.. (2021). Comparison of child self-report and parent proxy-report of symptoms: Results from a longitudinal symptom assessment study of children with advanced cancer. Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing, 26(3).
*UW-Madison School of Nursing

This post was authored by Emma Schaefer on 05/03/2023.