Summer Job Opportunities for Undergraduate Students with Badger Precollege

View the below message from Badger Precollege regarding summer job opportunities!

Badger Precollege seeks enthusiastic undergraduate students to work with our precollege students as Educational Assistants, Precollege Group leaders and Residential Assistants this summer.

Badger Precollege offers an array of academic non-credit and credit programs for over 1300 students ages 6-18. Programming includes advanced learning programs and STEM classes, music clinics and college readiness conferences, many of which are offered in partnership with UW schools and colleges. We proudly serve students from Wisconsin and the surrounding areas, as well as 27 states and 21 counties. Badger Precollege students enjoy the university’s outstanding facilities, resources, faculty and staff while getting to know the UW-Madison campus, pursuing their passions and meeting new friends.

Working with us, undergraduate students will gain the following skills and experiences working with precollege students in grades 2-12:

  • Leadership and critical thinking development.
  • Build a skillset in conflict management, mediation, and crisis management.
  • Knowledge in social and emotional growth patterns. Strategies in how to support students build autonomy and self-advocacy, and independence.
  • Experience in supporting students in their understanding of diverse cultures and learners.
  • Gain an understanding of youth health and safety, including CPR and first-aid certification.
  • Experience with program planning and program management.
  • Experience with student mentorship.
  • Strategies for success with and experience in classroom management skills.
  • Build comfort in student assessment and evaluation.
  • Knowledge in social and emotional growth patterns for students in grades 2-12.
  • Strategies in how to support students build autonomy and self-advocacy.

Here is a general overview of opportunities with Badger Precollege this June – August:

  1. Residential Assistant (RA):
    The Badger Precollege RA plans activities and field trips for the students and supports them by creating a welcoming community and helping them build a sense of belonging in the program. This is a live-in role for the summer which comes with room and board. Compensation is $500 per week/lump sum + Room and Board.
  2. Educational Assistant (EA):
    The Educational Assistant (EA) position is two-fold: EA’s work to support the instructor and students so that the instructional program is well prepared and learners have a quality educational experience. Compensation is $ 800-1600/lump sum per program.
  3. Precollege Commuter Program Group Leader:
    The Group Leader supports our commuter programs in two ways. They assist the instructor in carrying out classroom projects and activities. Outside of the classroom, the Group Leader will supervise their group of assigned students as they transition between different locations and activities around campus. Compensation is $600 per week/lump sum.

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This post was authored by Academic Affairs on 03/23/2023.