ACTS is Recruiting Tutors!

Academic Coaching & Tutoring Services (ACTS) is recruiting tutors for students in the Division of Diversity, Equity Educational Achievement (DDEEA) program. The DDEEA is comprised of scholars in the CeO, PEOPLE, Posse, First Wave, Mercile J. Lee Scholars, McNair and students who identify as native/indigenous.

Pay begins at $15-17/hour and the hours are VERY flexible. The experience is a great way to give back, gain extra experience, and connect with more students!

For more information and to apply, CLICK HERE!

List of courses:

AA 215
Anatomy 335/335
Asian 253/306
Astronomy 103
Biochem 301/551
BME 310/430
Botany 130
Chem 116
Com Art 313
Computer Science 435
CS&D 210
ECE 532
Econ 101/102/400
EMA 201
Land Arc 361
LSC 432
Math 113/141/211/222/234/320/431
Microbio 101/102
Philosophy 120
Physics 103/104/109/201/241
Psych 454
Public Affairs 454
Soc 360/362
Stats 371

This post was authored by Academic Affairs on 03/07/2023.