Research participation opportunity for undergraduate students – Mental Health and Campus Survey

The School of Nursing has been asked by a faculty member of the UW Madison Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture to notify students at our school about an opportunity to participate in a research project. The Minimal Risk Research IRB committee has approved this study. It is not an expectation that you participate. This is something you can do if you wish. Faculty at the UW Madison School of Nursing will not know who decides to participate.

What is the Campus Landscape Health Project?

To better understand students’ experiences in outdoor environments, this brief survey will prompt students to answer a series of questions about where they go on campus to access the types of green spaces they prefer to visit when experiencing mental distress. The survey considers how someone’s identity, especially their mental health history, influences their preferences.

The study is recruiting undergraduate students to complete a brief survey. You can read more about the study and access the survey link in the attached flyer.

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This post was authored by Linsey Steege on 12/08/2022.