Research Participation Opportunity for Graduate Students

The School of Nursing has been approached by a team of researchers from Belmont University to share an opportunity to participate in a research study investigating health science graduate students’ first impressions of professors at land grant universities. The study has been approved by the Belmont Institutional Review Board.

It is not an expectation you participate in this study.  This is something you can do if you wish.  Participation will involve completing an online survey in which you will watch brief embedded video clips and then respond to a few items. The survey will be completed online and is expected to take less than 20 minutes to complete. Faculty and leaders at the UW-Madison School of Nursing will not know who decides to participate.

Additional information on the study is provided below.


Student Perceptions of Faculty

Investigators: Dr. Natalie Norman Michaels, Belmont University, Dr. Molly Goldwasser, Duke University, Dr. Daniel Eadens, University of Central Florida, Dr. Delane A Bender-Slack, Xavier University, Dr. Anthony Blash, Belmont University, and Drew Greene, Duke University

You are invited to participate in a brief survey to better understand student perceptions of faculty.  During this survey, you will watch 16 short videos and provide your thoughts/opinions of each. This will be followed by a short demographic survey

This survey should take less than 20 minutes of your time. This data will be analyzed in aggregate as a means to understand what how faculty may be viewed by students. This study will also provide information to help assist the faculty to improve student relations in the future.

If you wish to participate, you must be over the age of 21, and enrolled as a student in a graduate program in the health sciences at a land grant university. Your participation is voluntary, and you may end your participation at any time. If you choose to complete this survey, click the “Yes” button below, and you will be directed to the first question. If you do not wish to participate, click the “No” button and you will exit the system. Note: Either way, we thank you. If you have questions about this research study, please contact Dr. Natalie Michaels at

To participate, the link is:

This post was authored by Linsey Steege on 12/02/2022.