Spring Course – Couns Psy 655: Clinical Communications

CP655 Clinical Communication Skills is designed to help students develop an understanding of the communication process, practice and develop communication skills, and introduce applications of this process in a variety of contexts (e.g. various healthcare settings, counseling settings, legal setting, etc.). You will learn the importance of establishing a strong relationship, reflective listening skills, and empathy skills. You will gain an increased awareness of self, including personal and cultural characteristics that impact the communication process. This course also introduces topics useful in many professional setting such as Motivational Interviewing, interprofessional communication, breaking bad news, managing anger & conflict, compassion fatigue, and deliberate practice.

  • 3 credits, Lecture (8:00-9:15 AM Wednesdays) + Laboratory (various times available, sections 305-308)
  • No prerequisites except that the student not have taken CP 650 (a similar course) previously
  • Social Science Breadth, LAS credit

Sections 305-308 are open to the general undergraduate population! To learn more and enroll, visit Course Search & Enroll. Questions about the course curriculum can be directed to the course coordinator, Dr. Corissa Lotta, at cclotta@wisc.edu. If you are attempting to enroll and encounter difficulty, contact Andrea Burdick at ampalm@wisc.edu.

This post was authored by Academic a on 12/01/2022.