Spring Course Comm Arts 317: Rhetoric and Health, Health & Inequality

The Constellations program is offering an exciting undergraduate humanities course in the spring; Health & Inequality (Comm Arts 317: Rhetoric and Health), taught by Professor Jenell Johnson. This course asks the BIG question: What does health mean? This is a great course for both humanities and STEM students, and especially pre-health students! Please see the linked flier and visit the Constellations Program website for more information.

Course Description: Investigate how the concept of health is rhetorically constructed and deployed in a number of different contexts. Explore how language and argument shape our understanding of health, how health is positioned in opposition to illness and disability, and how the meaning of health has become a site of argument and controversy.

Requisites: Sophomore standing

Comm Arts 317: Rhetoric and Health Flyer

This post was authored by Academic Affairs on 11/04/2022.