MoneyWise Wednesdays

MoneyWise Wednesdays offer FREE financial education sessions targeting topics like credit management, budgeting, saving and more using a friendly approach to increase students’ confidence with money management. Additionally, students can follow the #MoneyWiseWednesday social media campaign to get quick financial tips every Wednesday.

MoneyWise Wednesdays (Borrowing Smart)
Wednesday, October 5
Uninformed credit decisions can have long-lasting effects. This session helps students become familiar with types of credit, interest rates, credit reports and scores, which types of credit to avoid, and how to build and maintain your credit.

MoneyWise Wednesdays (Plan and Spend)
Wednesday, November 2
Good money management habits can have a lifetime of value. This session covers budgeting strategies, cash flow statements, and methods of tracking your money.

MoneyWise Wednesdays Fall 2022

This post was authored by Academic Affairs on 10/04/2022.