Fall 2022 New Certificate – Social Justice & Education

Students can now declare the new Social Justice and Education Certificate! This new 12 credit certificate focuses on education policy and practice, and aims to provide students with a foundational understanding of the social inequities that shape education and broader society, as well as how educational stakeholders (e.g. educators, administrators, teachers, community members) have responded to these inequities. This certificate will prepare students to critically analyze the role of education policies and practices in relation to broader social inequalities and social justice efforts.

To complete this certificate, students must take ED POL 212: Educating for Social Change (3 Credits). This course teaches students how schooling has and can be used for social change and explores the theories and practices of education for social justice. This course will be offered in Spring 2023.

Students are required to take three other courses (9 Credits) that have a central focus on social justice in education, with two of the three courses in Educational Policy Studies.

Visit go.wisc.edu/EPSSJE for the full list of courses that count towards this certificate.

Please email EPS@education.wisc.edu if you have any questions.

Social Justice and Education Certificate

This post was authored by Academic Affairs on 10/04/2022.