Antigen Test Kit Distribution for SoN and SoP Students, Staff, and Faculty

The School of Nursing (SoN) and School of Pharmacy (SoP) will continue to partner with University Health Services to provide local antigen test kit pick-up for employees and students of the two schools. The pick-up schedule will be more limited than what was offered in the summer (see distribution schedule below) and the amount of test kits that we have available to distribute may be constrained as well. When we run out, it is possible we will not be able to secure more; this will be announced if it happens.

Antigen test kit pick-up will alternate between Signe Skott Cooper Hall (SoN) and Rennebohm Hall (SoP) every other week, with 1 pick-up time per week on Thursdays from 11am to Noon. SoN and SoP employees and students may pick-up test kits by showing their Wiscard at either location (i.e. SoN employees and students can pick up kits at either Cooper Hall OR Rennebohm Hall). As a reminder, test kits are limited to one per person per calendar week (i.e. if you pick up at SoN or SoP that week, you cannot pick up at UHS 333 East Campus Mall that same week or vice versa), supplies permitting.

If you have concerns about these changes, please reach out directly to your school’s contact to discuss further:
SoN- Samantha Noordhoek, HR Associate Director,
SoP-Jenni Regan, HR Associate Director

Additionally, WI Department of Health Services (DHS) has launched an online program for Wisconsinites to get free at-home rapid COVID-19 tests delivered directly to them. Wisconsin residents can go to the Say Yes! COVID Test website and place an order for a package of five rapid antigen tests at no cost.

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This post was authored by Academic Affairs on 09/16/2022.