Fall Course: Linguistics 237 Language & Immigration in Wisconsin

Linguistics 237: Language & Immigration in Wisconsin is now open to all students! This is a fun, hands-on course with no prerequisites and counts as a Social Science breadth while also satisfying CommB.

Linguistics 237: Language & Immigration in Wisconsin
Professor Joe Salmons
TR 11:00-12:15
Level: Elementary
Breadth: Humanities or Social Science
No prerequisites

Migration from abroad and other parts of North America brought and continues to bring myriad languages and dialects to Wisconsin. How and when did these immigrants and their descendants learn English and when and why did they begin to speak only English? How have immigrants shaped how English is spoken in the state? Do hands-on, original research to find answers to these and related questions about immigrant languages and English past and present in Wisconsin. Examine social and historical issues and issues of linguistic structure, drawing on local histories, archival data, Census records and audio recordings and there are opportunities to do fieldwork in communities across the state and the region.

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