Fall 2022 Seminar Course for First Generation Freshman Interested in Bioscience Pathways

Are you a first-generation student who wants to study biological science? There is a new seminar course designed especially for you!

In Biology 375 (Seminar for First Generation Students) you will:

  • Be introduced to biology and biology-related careers in a small-seminar setting
  • Learn about campus resources important to academic success and geared toward STEM students
  • Learn about paths to academic success
  • Share personal first-gen journeys
  • Discuss challenges as you learn to navigate the university
  • Build relationships with students and faculty/staff

NOTE: There are no exams in this class. While there is a final exam listed in the timetable, there will also be no final exam.

Link to BIO 375 in Course Search & Enroll

This post was authored by Academic Affairs on 07/07/2022.