Summer 2022 Course: Kinesiology 200 – Introductory Neuroscience

Kinesiology 200-Introductory Neuroscience will explore the neuroscience that underlies questions of fundamental importance to our existence:

  • How does your central nervous system shap reality?
  • How does your sensorimotor system control movement?
  • How do you experience emotions?
  • How do you connect with others?
  • How does your mind shape your brain?

This entry-level course is designed to provide foundational knowledge in neuroscience for students interested in health sciences majors, as well as non-science students who are simply interested in learning about the brain and its relation to human health, wellness, and disease. No prior experience in neuroscience is required.

Additional course information (syllabus, calendar, etc.) can be found on the publicly available Canvas site.