Welcome to Alumnihood!

Congratulations and welcome to alumnihood! You are joining an incredible group of Badger nurses and you will be making an impact wherever you go.

As the Alumni Relations Officer for the School of Nursing, I wanted to send you well wishes upon your graduation! While this may not be your first graduation, this may be your first UW-Madison graduation experience.

There are few resources I have listed below for you to keep in mind as you enter Badger alumnihood:

  1. Join the Badger Nurse Network Facebook group to stay in touch with other Badger nurses.
  2. Not planning on checking your wisc.edu account after graduation? Make sure to update your contact information. The School of Nursing would like to send you the biannual Forward Nursing magazine, so please update your mailing address!
  3. Remember, all School of Nursing alumni are members of the Nurses Alumni Organization. You are encouraged to participate in monthly meetings and make your alumni voice heard.
  4. Continue your nursing education with us throughout your career by taking advantage of the most current nursing professional development opportunities. Find the catalog of workshops, skills labs, webinars, online courses and events through the UW–Madison Interprofessional Continuing Education Partnership.
  5. Stay in touch! We want to celebrate your achievements and milestones as you continue your career as a Badger nurse. Email alumni@son.wisc.edu or submit your updates

On, Wisconsin!

-Jordan Langer

This post was authored by Jordan Langer on 05/03/2022.