Healthy Minds event

Presentation from Dr. John Dunne about mindfulness, the student flourishing initiative and the center for healthy minds.

“Stress Management and Wellness”

A motto at the UW–Madison Center for Healthy Minds is “Well-being is a skill that can be learned.” Basic knowledge and easily acquired skills can enable us to more readily face life’s challenges. This talk will focus especially on how the ways that stress can be an obstacle to well-being and how we can respond effectively to it. We will learn about different forms of stress and how it effects the mind and body, and we will also explore some simple aspects of mindfulness that can help us to manage our stress. This talk will also explore the role that emotions and habits play in stress, burnout, and stress-relief. And we will conclude with an overview of the Healthy Minds Program, a smartphone-based program developed at the Center for Healthy minds for enhancing well-being.

Monday, April 18 12:45pm-1:45pm, Cooper Hall Auditorium.

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This post was authored by Kelli Richards on 04/05/2022.