Are you interested in pediatric nursing?

Are you a nursing student – in any program – who is interested in child and family nursing? If so, read on for some developing opportunities to connect with others who share your interest!

  • SoN faculty are working on bringing back a child and family nursing interest group. While time is getting short for the spring semester, we will be continuing to develop this group and hope to be able to do more next year. Please reach out to Anne Ersig if you are interested in joining this group!
  • Whether you are in the group already or not, there is another opportunity that may be of interest, especially to students in our BSN programs. One of the pediatric DNP students and some of her colleagues at other institutions would love to present an in-person panel on career options in pediatric nursing. The panel will include pediatric nurses who are working in a variety of settings. We are hoping to have this panel on a Tuesday or Thursday in the SoN. If you are interested in this panel, please reach out to Anne Ersig or Erin McMillan.

This post was authored by Anne Ersig on 04/05/2022.