NEW Science Communication Certificate!

The UW Department of Life Sciences Communication is excited to announce the launch of a new Science Communication Certificate for undergraduate students starting Fall 2022! The Department of Life Sciences Communication (LSC) is one of the world’s leading science communication programs, working at the intersection of science, media and society. The LSC certificate teaches students how to understand the way we all make sense of increasingly complex scientific breakthroughs. Certificate students will gain an introduction to science communication theory and practical experience which allows them to more effectively communicate about controversial science in areas such as gene editing, the environment, health, agriculture, and artificial intelligence.

Completion of the certificate requires a total of 12 credits total including one science communication theory course (LSC 251: Science, Media & Society), one course in two different focus areas (communication strategy and communication skills and technology), and a final elective selected based on a student’s interests. The certificate is a great option for students in any major looking for an introduction to the field of science communication to complement their major area of study.

For more information, click HERE!

This post was authored by Academic Affairs on 03/31/2022.