GUTS (Greater University Tutoring Services) Fall 2021

Are you interested in FREE academic support services or in becoming a volunteer tutor? The Greater University Tutoring Services (GUTS) is recruiting peer tutors and tutees for all GUTS programs.

GUTS is a great campus resource if you’d like support in your UW classes, learning or speaking a second language, or developing study and learning strategies. All GUTS programs are FREE and provided by peer tutors who have taken the classes you are going through right now, and have earned an AB or higher.

GUTS also provides valuable volunteer opportunities, where you can develop teaching/tutoring, communication, and other professional skills, while helping fellow students achieve their academic goals. We are recruiting tutors for all programs, and we have a specific need for tutors in our Drop-In Program (DI).

Overview of GUTS Programs

  • Academic Match (AM): Small-group tutoring (608 tutees meet weekly with 1 tutor for a UW course)
  • Drop-In Program (DI): One-to-one, drop-in tutoring that takes place in-person at Steenbock Library, College Library, and the Multicultural Student Center, or online by appointment through Starfish
  • Conversational English (CE): Small-group conversational English skills practice (3 tutees meet weekly for 2 hours with 1 tutor
  • World Language Learners (WLL): Matches student volunteer tutors fluent in a world language with world language students to converse for 2 hours per week
  • Language Exchange (LE): Participants are matched in pairs based on the desired languages they want to work with, and will meet for 2 hours per week, splitting the time spent talking in each language equally
  • Conversational English Eagle Heights (CEEH): Tutors work in small groups to create engaging activities to help children develop their written and verbal English skill
  • Study Skills (SS): One-hour long, 1-on-1 study and learning skills appointments are available with GUTS study skills advisors
  • NEW! Peer-2-Peer Mentorship Program (P2P): The Peer-2-Peer Mentorship Program (P2P) is a GUTS pilot program intended to support first-year students, second-year students, and transfer students who have started college during the pandemic or who do not have much familiarity with the UW-Madison campus and its resources. Students who participate in this program will be matched with a peer mentor who will meet with them, respond to their questions or concerns, and help them get acclimated to UW-Madison’s campus.

Already interested in being a tutor or tutee? Interested in learning more about GUTS programs? Visit!

All Programs will be open and available to the UW campus community by the third week of classes, the week of September 20, 2021.

This post was authored by Academic Affairs on 09/09/2021.