Opportunity for DNP students to participate in a research study on NP students’ perceptions of knowledge, attitudes, and confidence in providing healthcare for LGBT+ patients and populations

Research Opportunity: The School of Nursing has been asked by a faculty member from St. David’s School of Nursing at Texas State University to notify NP students at our School of Nursing about an opportunity to participate in a research project. This study has been approved by the IRB committee at the researcher’s home institution. It is not an expectation that you participate. This is something you can do if you wish. Faculty at the UW Madison School of Nursing will not know who decides to participate. Additional information on the study and how to participate is included below.


Dear Nurse Practitioner Student,

You are being invited to participate in a research study entitled “Assessing Final Semester Nurse Practitioner Students’ Training, Knowledge, Attitudes, and Confidence in Providing Healthcare for Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, Plus (LGBT+) Patients”. You have been invited to complete this survey because you are a nurse practitioner student preparing to graduate and enter practice.

We anticipate the survey will take 5 minutes or less to complete. Your participation in this study is anonymous and voluntary. You may decline to answer any question and you have the right to withdraw from participation at any time before or during the survey. Withdrawal or declining to participate in the study results in no penalty. If you do not want to participate, simply disregard this email, survey link, or close the browser window.

Your participation in this study will contribute towards gaining a better understanding the current state of NPs knowledge, confidence, and attitudes in providing care for this population of patients. It will assist us in identifying approaches to enhance NP education in relation to inclusiveness of care. For questions, please contact the investigator at the address below and/or the phone number.

Risks/Benefits/Confidentiality of Data

This study involves little to no foreseeable risks. There are no costs for participating and no renumeration associated with this survey or research. We ask that you try to answer all questions; however, if there are any items that make you uncomfortable or that you would prefer not to answer, please skip over that question or questions. Your responses are anonymous.

This study will help to identify and fill in gaps in knowledge related to this area of NP education. The results of this study will enable us to continue to make important continuous quality improvements in NP education related to the healthcare of the LGBT+ population.

There is no personal identifiable information asked in the study. The principal investigator and the Texas State University Office of Research Compliance (ORC) only have access to the data. The ORC monitors research studies to protect the rights and welfare of research participants. Survey results are anonymously collected, and participants will have the option to self-identify if they choose, but not required. Data will be kept secured for three years (per federal regulations) after the study is completed and then destroyed in accordance with University policy.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Dr. Smith at:

Dr. Kathy Smith, Assistant Professor
St. David’s School of Nursing

This project, Protocol 6771, was approved by the Texas State IRB on April 17, 2020, questions, or concerns about the research, research participants’ rights, and/or research-related injuries to participants should be directed to the IRB chair, Dr. Denise Gobert 512-716-2652 – (dgobert@txstate.edu) or to Monica Gonzales, IRB Regulatory Manager 512-245-2334 (meg201@txstate.edu).

Implied participation consent is given when you click the link below and complete of the survey. Thank you in advance for your help in this important research project.

Click Here for Survey Access.

This post was authored by Linsey Steege on 07/22/2021.