YOU@WISC is a unique and free web portal dedicated to student health, happiness, and success! Connecting students to information, campus resources, and opportunities, YOU was created to mirror the lifestyle of college students in three main areas – Succeed, Thrive, Matter.

Step 1: Visit YOU@WISC. On the homepage you will get a breakdown of the portal, or feel free to jump right in!

Step 2: Sign up. Students, faculty, and staff can sign up using their university email account. As an extension of campus, YOU keeps all personal information that you provide private. 

Step 3: Discover! Once inside, you can start to customize your profile or take one of three Reality Checks. Both features are designed to cater content like tips, quizzes, videos, and campus resources based on YOUR general needs and interests.

Step 4: Revisit. The YOU portal is intended to be used throughout your college life. With changing content and dynamic tools, there’s a use from move-in day to landing your first job.

An exceptional college experience starts with YOU.

This post was authored by Academic Affairs on 05/25/2021.