Health Screening Summer Volunteer Opportunity

Summer Volunteer Opportunity: Seeking health professional volunteers to assist with summer camp health screenings at The Kellogg PEAK Initiative’s Lake Valley Camp in June and July.  This is a hands-on opportunity for nursing students to provide basic health screens for youth prior to leaving for camp.  All campers will have had a physical and the screening simply consists of checking for rashes, viral infections, etc. before they load the bus to camp.

Interested individuals should contact Eve Smallwood at to sign up for one (or more) of the five check-in days.  Once confirmed, volunteers will choose from one of two one-hour orientation and overview sessions with Dr. Landon Krantz of Children’s Medical Group.  All dates are listed on the flyer.

Health Screening Flyer

This post was authored by Rikki Klassy on 04/19/2021.