What Is Healthy Aging for Autistic Adults? – February CARE Connections

We lack guidelines to ensure older adults with developmental disabilities receive appropriate and effective care.

Read how UW–Madison researchers are using healthcare data to understand the needs of autistic adults, in the February issue of CARE Connections, the monthly newsletter of the SoN’s Center for Aging Research and Education. Here’s an excerpt:

“You hear stories from families where their adult children didn’t realize that something was wrong or doctors didn’t realize that something was wrong until they were very, very far along in disease progression. That is a big public health problem.”

This month’s CARE Connections also includes COVID-19 resources; educational materials on the care of older adults with and without intellectual disability; a profile of CARE Affiliate Kristin Litzelman, PhD; and news and events related to older adult health and well-being.

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This post was authored by Diane Farsetta on 02/26/2021.