Are you interested in child and family nursing? Join our Community of Practice!

UW-Madison School of Nursing and the American Family Children’s Hospital invite you to connect with us!

Who are we?

The Pediatric Practice and Academic Learning (PPAL) Network is a community of nurses and nursing students who care about the future of the pediatric nursing work force and access to evidence-based, family centered care for all children. PPAL is led by an Academic Practice Partnership between the UW-Madison School of Nursing and American Family Children’s Hospital.

What do we do?

We connect and engage with nurses in Wisconsin and beyond who are passionate about child and family nursing.

We share information on opportunities for education, service learning, and leadership development, and findings from research studies and evidence-based practice projects.

We collaborate on research and projects on a range of topics, including:

  • Respite care for families of children with chronic health conditions
  • Use of and education on telehealth for children and families
  • Exploring the symptom experiences of children with cancer
  • Exploring nurses’ roles and experiences in providing pre- and post-surgical care to children and families
  • Working with children who have congenital heart conditions and their families
  • And many others!

How do I join PPAL?

We share news, events, opportunities and resources through a moderated Google Group called the PPAL Network. All activities are virtual until it is safe for us to convene in person. If you are interested in joining us or would like to learn more, please send a message to Anne Ersig at or Sue Gaard at Membership is free.

This post was authored by Anne Ersig on 02/17/2021.