Spring MEDiC Orientation – February 12-20

This year, MEDiC will be having a spring orientation for those who did not get the chance to attend this fall. MEDiC is an organization of health professions students who provide care to underserved populations in student-run clinics around Madison. The orientation will be held from 7pm on Friday February 12th through 7pm on Saturday February 20th.

The orientation will run on Canvas, exactly like it did in the Fall. You will be able to login to the Canvas course and complete the requisite training modules at your own pace (and can come back to the course any time during the week that it’s open) and submit the necessary paperwork to complete training. Once the course closes, it will take a little time to get everyone signed off, then you will be able to start volunteering!

If you have previously completed MEDiC orientation, you do not need to go through it again and can disregard this message.

Please reach out to Kat Tippins, the MEDiC Director of Administration, with questions at tippins@wisc.edu.

SELF SIGN-UP LINK: https://canvas.wisc.edu/enroll/K779L8

This post was authored by Academic Affairs on 02/05/2021.